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We stand for a dignified solution to the plight of our people in Iraq. The Chaldean Syriac Assyrians of Iraq have been forced to face three choices:
First, they are forced to face the grim reality of abandoning their ancestral land of Mesopotamia, the very land whose earth and rocks tell of a thousand tales of Assyria. No; this is unacceptable.
Second, our people have been forced to cope with the daunting ramifications of assimilation; of their culture, religion, and identity at the hands of radical fundamentalists. No; this is equally unacceptable.
Third, we can help our people by advocating for a dignified solution which recognizes the Nineveh Plains as an autonomous region within Iraq. We can also collaborate with the government of Iraq and the international community in order to incentivize the economic development and security of the Nineveh Plains. After all, our people deserve to live a dignified life as Iraqis, while celebrating their uniquely rich heritage.
We invite you to join CASCA in fighting the good fight, because our culture, religion and identity are on the brink of extinction. Let us work together and with our friends in the United States and Iraq to protect and preserve the richness we should all value.


Ismat Karmo, CASCA Chairman






Ismat Karmo,
CASCA Chairman

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